Avenues for Innovation and Global Impact

There are several organizations that provide platforms that support and give presence to students engaged in innovative projects. A few of these were shared with the ICT Club members and their teachers present:

Technovation for Girls. (https://technovationchallenge.org) This is an international program to which girls are invited to compete in problem solving project through creation of apps. Lira Town College and Gayaza High School are some of the schools which have participated in this before.

international Education Resource Network — iEARN (https://iearn.org).This is an Internet based nonprofit organization that brings together teachers and students from all over the world to collaborate in learning projects. Its programs are currently spread in over 140 countries with 50,000 teachers and 2,000,000 youths involved worldwide. An iEARN project by students of PMM Girls School in Jinja, Envision My Ideal World was shared as an example of what students can accomplish for themselves.