I have really learnt a lot of things today. I have always been a good computer student. When I was in my former school, before I joined Arua Public, I always thought of this dream, becoming an ICT expert, but then because of other cases the school does not have an ICT lab. Then I joined Arua Public and that is when I gained access to computer. I started computer in S3. Right now, I can call my self lucky. Right now, I have this dream that one day I will explore the world and help all those who are coming. But now today that the opportunity has come, I have to thank KAWA very much for this… UCC. I have always wanted to produce an application that would help people and I really thank God for this opportunity and I have to thank KAWA and UCC. Thank you.
Robert, S4, Arua Public School

I think this program is one of its kind. We have never had such programs before and it is a very good one. I wish it could be extended to other schools so that they have the same knowledge and experiences we have heard.
Ochola Vincent, St. Joseph’s College, Layibi


    As a patron of this club, I express my gratitude to Mr. chole Richard and Moses Wamanga for launching ICT club in Muni girls’ secondary school Arua. This club will empower learners to compete favorably with the emerging trends and technologies in computing and will also enable learners to integrate ICTs in learning to improve their grades.
    As a school I thank the Headteacher Muni girls’ Secondary school who welcomed the formation of this club and indeed it has motivated the learners to develop self interest in the use of ICTs in the school.
    Learners expression towards the formation of ICT club
    We feel so happy for the launch of ICT club because it helps us to learn more skills of how to operate a computer. Like connecting a computer, getting to know features of different programs and carrying out research by ourselves.
    They said they are motivated by the patron who extends part of his time to ensure that the club activities run smoothly. Compiled by Aleni Britiny and Munguleni Sharonstone

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