ICT Clubs Online Training: Practical Skills with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using Visual Studio Code


With the digital age soaring to new heights, equipping students with practical coding skills has become a quintessential part of contemporary education. On the 29th of July, 2023, we witnessed an overwhelming participation of students from across the nation, joining the online training session conducted by ICT Clubs. The focus was a continuation of the Practical Skills series with a deep dive into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, using the popular coding environment – Visual Studio Code.

Highlights of the Session:

1. Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Basics
The session started with a brief recap and introduction to the trifecta of web development. Students were acquainted with the foundational structure (HTML), design and styling (CSS), and functionality (JavaScript) of web pages.

2. Setting up the Visual Studio Code Environment
Visual Studio Code, being an extensively versatile editor, was chosen as the primary tool. Participants were walked through the process of setting up this environment, ensuring a smooth coding experience for all.

3. Creating a Simple Web Page with HTML and CSS
Hands-on experience is the key to learning. Students were guided in crafting a basic web page, getting their hands dirty with HTML tags and CSS selectors, while visualizing their work come alive in real-time.

4. Adding Interactivity with JavaScript Events and Functions
Static web pages are a thing of the past. The modern web thrives on interactivity. Leveraging JavaScript, students learned how to make their web pages interactive, from creating button clicks to hover effects.

5. Debugging and Testing the Web Page
One crucial aspect of web development is ensuring everything runs seamlessly. This segment introduced students to debugging techniques, ensuring they can identify and fix any glitches in their code effectively.

6. Reviewing the Project and Learning Resources
To cap off the session, there was a review segment where students showcased their projects. Additionally, essential learning resources were shared, paving the path for their self-learning journey.

Upcoming Session: Dive Deeper!

Mark your calendars! The forthcoming session, Session Six, promises to delve deeper into the same topic. Expect more hands-on practical exercises, a closer look at advanced features, and even more interactive elements.

A Note of Appreciation

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the schools, UCC, and the KAWA Team for championing this initiative. Their collective effort plays a pivotal role in nurturing future tech leaders and innovators.

Let’s continue this journey of learning, innovation, and growth! See you at the next session!

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