ICT Clubs Practical Web Design with HTML and CSS


On the 22nd of July, 2023, enthusiasts and learners from various backgrounds tuned in to the eagerly awaited Fourth ICT Clubs Online Weekend Training. With eyes set on understanding the practical side of web design, participants, both students and facilitators alike, were ready to dive into the world of HTML and CSS.

Revisiting the Foundations

Before plunging into the depths of the main topic, Mr. Emma Muboki wisely initiated the session with a recap of the previous week’s insights. Brushing up on the introduction to Web Design and Web Development, he smoothly set the stage, ensuring that all attendees were on the same page.

Unfolding the Mysteries of HTML and CSS

Here’s a glimpse of the treasure trove of knowledge that was imparted during the session:

  • Introduction to HTML and CSS:
    Starting at the beginning, Mr. Muboki elucidated the fundamental concepts, roles, and significance of HTML and CSS in the realm of web design.
  • Basic HTML tags and attributes:
    Participants were introduced to the essential building blocks of web content – the tags and attributes that give structure and meaning to web content.
  • Basic CSS selectors and properties:
    The visual appeal of a website often lies in its CSS. Attendees learned how to use basic selectors and properties to breathe life and color into their HTML structures.
  • Linking CSS to HTML:
    What’s a design without its style? The session covered the pivotal step of marrying HTML content with CSS styles.
  • External Libraries and Frameworks:
    In the vast world of web design, numerous tools can ease the developer’s task. Mr. Muboki shed light on leveraging external libraries and frameworks to enhance functionality and design.
  • Crafting a Web Page Layout:
    Participants were guided through the practical steps of molding a simple yet effective webpage layout.
  • Responsive Design and Media Queries:
    In a world dominated by devices of varying screen sizes, the importance of responsive design cannot be overstated. Attendees learned the art of making their designs adaptable and fluid across different devices.
  • Q&A Session:
    An enriching dialogue ensued where curious minds raised questions, and Mr. Muboki, with his expertise, clarified doubts and provided deeper insights.

Gratitude and Anticipation

We are immensely thankful to the schools, patrons, and the dedicated members of the ICT Club who graced the event with their presence. Your participation and zeal are the driving forces behind these training sessions.

And now, as we wrap up this chapter, the next one already beckons. The forthcoming Week 5 promises an intensified experience with practical activities covering HTML, CSS, and the dynamic world of Javascript.

Finally, a heartfelt nod to the Uganda Communications Commission and the indomitable team at UCUSAF. Their unwavering support is the backbone that makes these enriching sessions possible. To a brighter, more tech-savvy future, together!

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