Iganga Senior Secondary School wins the Eastern Region ICT Clubs Competition


Today the Eastern ICT Clubs competition was held in Jinja at Bilkon Hotel and three schools participated. Among the schools, we have Iganga ss, PMM Girls School and Jinja College. Each school presented a project they have done in the implementation of the skills they have acquired from the New curriculum.

Iganga SS came up with a website called skyray.center4webpresence.com. This website helps the parents and the community members to understand the new curriculum which is still challenging for the parents to understand well. This website helps them to be able to know how the students are assed at school. This was an interesting project and they were able to be the winner of the Eastern Region ICT Clubs Competition and they will compete at Kyambogo University on 4th/October

Jinja College presented a project on Q-Pay which is an application which enables us to transact money using our phones. THis really shoows the effort they have put inorder to acquired the required skills. They also presented a project on Greenar which can enable human beings to be able to interact with the envirmonet and the animals around. its really interesting to see these students doing something great.This emerged them as the second.

We have PMM Girls School, who came up with a website that can help to market the local agricultural products like water melon and many others. This is really a good project which help them to grow their skills. This merged them as the third and the Greener project for Jinja College emerged the 4th.

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