Revolutionizing Tech Education: First ICT Clubs Online Training Kick-Starts with Success.

ICT clubs training session 1 by Emma Muboki

KAWA ICT clubs training session 1 by Emma Muboki

July 1, 2023, marked an important milestone in the journey of transforming the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) landscape in Uganda. An online training session, the first of its kind under the ICT Clubs initiative, took place from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm, sparking enthusiasm among young and aspiring tech enthusiasts.

The training was graced by Emmanuel Muboki, a proficient software engineer who currently serves the Uganda Revenue Authority. As a proud alumnus of the ICT club, Muboki brings not only his technical expertise but also a deep-rooted passion for imparting coding knowledge to the younger generation. He is a living testament to the impact of starting coding at a young age.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), the Universal Communications Service Access Fund (UCUSAF), and the Kisubi Associated Writers Agency (KAWA) for their unwavering support in this initiative. Their contributions have been instrumental in paving the way for this online training platform.

The session kicked off the first week’s training with an introduction to programming. The course delved into various core aspects of programming, beginning with an overview of programming concepts and languages. The young coders were introduced to the diverse realm of programming languages and their specific applications, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of which language to choose for which task.

Following this, Muboki shifted the focus towards the integral part of program design. The learners were introduced to the conceptual steps involved in planning and designing programs, a vital aspect that sets the foundation for writing clean and efficient code.

But, it was not all theory. The training witnessed a dynamic shift as it transcended into an engaging hands-on session. The young programmers wrote their first lines of code in multiple programming languages, an experience. They are expected to complete the club websites.

This online training marks the beginning of a tech revolution that strives to nurture the ICT skills among Uganda’s younger generation, empowering them to become global problem solvers and innovators. The journey has just begun, and we anticipate a lot more exciting sessions in the following weeks.

To those who missed this inaugural session, we encourage you to join us in the subsequent sessions. Find the video here and do all the activities to be shared.

Embrace the world of coding and be part of the technological revolution shaping our future. To our facilitator, Emmanuel Muboki, and our supportive partners – UCC, UCUSAF, and KAWA, we express our heartfelt gratitude. Together, we will shape the future of ICT in Uganda.

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