Trinity College Nabbingo ICT Club Presents A Smart Bin at the Regional NCC -2022

Trinity College Nabbingo ICT Club with their InnovationThe Smart Bin” was presented at the ICT Clubs Competitions during the Regional National Conference on Communications on 1st June, 2022 at CEDAT-Makerere University. This innovation led the school to beat many of the competitive schools within the central region making it to turn up to the second runners up in the Competitions. This innovation was not only made to made to control environmental pollution e.g. Air, water and Land Pollution and prevention of the germs that cause communicable diseases eg COVID-19, Cholera, Typhoid, Diarrhoea but also to improve on waste management and sanitation hence Smart Cities. The patron behind this great innovation is Tulina Dorothy.

Trinity College Nabbingo ICT Club’s Innovation – The Smart Bin

The Smart bin senses when a person moves close and opens to have the garbage disposed in and closes when the person is done. This project is integrated with IOT (Internet of Things) Notifications and can alert the admin in case the bin is full to have it emptied.

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