Students making Instructional Videos to aid Teaching and Learning

A team of students at Mbarara High at Mbarara HIgh School are creating Instructional Videos for aid teaching and learning a number of subjects.

By the time of the support visit, the group had gone a long length in creating an instructional video on mail merging. They intent to create more instruc-tional videos.
According to the team, they would first think through ideas then they would brainstorm on the options tabled. Once they agreed on something they took up role, each according to what he can do best.
According to the team, the instructional video adds value because it eases a teacher’s burden of showing learners what to do. The learners are able to learn even without the teacher.
Their biggest challenge was downloading the neces-sary software and then converting it to suit the tab-lets. It was a time consuming process and requires a lot of effort from the learners.
They also had challenge of a conducive environment to do their recordings. They have identified a quiet room to do the recording. They were advised to con-sider making the room sound proof using available materials like card boards and egg trays.

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