Profiling an ICT club alumni – Atwine Sabrina

She was a member of ICT Club of Bishop Kivengere Girls School in Kabale and very passionate about ICT driven learning programs and projects. As a student, she has been a driving force in many of the successes of the ICT Club of her former school. Now serving as an ambassador of Technovation and based in Gulu, she shares a little bit of what it means to be at her position and how she helped her ICT Club win.

I am Atwine Sabrina, a Technovation ambassador. I am in my S6 vacation and a former member of the ICT Club of Bishop Kivengere Girls School, something I am so proud of because through this ICT club we managed to do so many things that have changed lives of many of us and actually to get more opportunities and explore our lives more and more.

While at high school, I took part in many competitions, science fair, even building project for primary schools to help them learn small ICT skills like how to us a mouse, what is a monitor… those small, small things. Of course having KAWA around us, giving us some resources helped us to move on. It helped me to keep on chasing the dream and even in my vacation, I decided I was not going to sit down but go ahead to help the ICT club, mentor them because it was my duty to sow and pass on as that which was planted in me.

So to me it’s really a very great opportunity to have young girls and young people joining the innovation world and of course we really thank so much the people who support us. They helped us to get our po- tential that we wouldn’t have realized without them. ‘am so glad that the school where I studied and where there is an ICT Club emerged the second best out of the 21 participating teams. This means a lot to me because we really passed through a lot unlike the other teams which had a lot of mentors to support them. Though I stayed in Gulu, I would make small trips once in a month just to go and help them as they worked on their projects. Of course KAWA and UCC had offered us tablets which made it easy for them to process their applications, run them, test them and so on. So I did not get difficulties in getting resources as I mentored them. Although I have left the ICT club I still try to reach out to them

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