ICT Club Patrons in a Skype conferencing test


One key aspect of using technology for whatever purpose is to TEST IT BEFOREHAND, lest it ruins your day. That’s why ICT Club patrons decided to make a “test run” of Skyping on the afternoon of Friday 13th August.

 The 45 minute Skype meeting had patrons from Arua, Mbarara, Masaka, Mukono, Mbale, and Kampala. The KAWA team also participated from Jinja and Kampala.

 This Skype session was organized as a precursor for a major conferencing for the students using the Samsung Galaxy Tablets that UCC Donated. KAWA will organize the students’ online conference for all the 20 Clubs on a date yet to be fixed later this term. 

Screenshots of faces from ICT Clubs around the country on during the Skype test on 13th August

 Online conferencing is a great way to bring minds together to share and learn from each other on any issue of interest. Sadik, ICT Club member of Lira Town College was quick to observe that doctors these days use ICT to communicate with each other to solve medical issues concerning their patients without living their places of work! He is spot-on. It is indeed cheap, easy and very convenient. Such is the innovation that ICT can bring in our lives. 

 As KAWA team, it is our desire to promote the culture and mentality of using online conferencing. We are convinced that it can be a powerful way of sharing and learning from each other and solving issues. In any case, certainly many of the club members are aspiring to be doctors. How much further would technology have advanced by then? In the not-so-far–future, never be surprised to hear a doctor has failed to get employed because of lack of knowledge and skill of ICT.

 For now, the patrons did a test to get acclimatized with Skyping. KAWA envisions a time when clubs will take their own initiatives to organize online conferences to the benefit of each of the participating parties.  

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