Masaka SS involved in computer networking

With the help of the UCC donated tablets, a team of the ICT Club members researched and gathered in- formation they need on how to do cable network- ing. They already have the necessary types of cables for networking.

Three club members took lead to demonstrate their skills in networking and managing password hard- ware.

They also developed plans to make a drone. They have did ground work in form of gathering infor- mation on how to make a drone. Other plans: de- veloping  a  school  website  and     a  social  media

A Member of ICT Club of Masaka: Personally, I am happy with UCC because as they inform us, we are also giving them information. I did not know that in this world, you can create opportunity from places that are not well off. I have learnt that in a place like Nyendo (a slum area in Masaka) I can come up with something that is innovative and that the place be- comes good. I hope to come with something very innovative. I reside in Masaka but I have to go to Masaka and see how to come up with something cre- ative and innovative. I would like to encourage those of you who stay in places like Nyendo and those slum areas like in Kampala, just know that you have oppor- tunity to do great things there.  

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