Kansanga Seed ICT Club Launched

The deputy thanked KAWA for coming to conduct launch of the pilot project. She said they had been waiting for a long time for the day to come. She said she thought it would never come to pass since the documents for the event were signed the previous year.

She said Kasanga Seed SS is blessed being the president’s school and that because of it the president (of Uganda) donated 40 computers which many schools do not have. She said they had been conducting ICT lessons in senior five and senior six since it is compulsory at that level. But effective the beginning of 2017, the school chose to start computer studies at senior one and two. She said when the idea was sold to parents, they bought it. She said it accounted for the big number of students in 0 level. She thanked KAWA and UCC for the T shirts offered to the club members, the tablets and the time dedicated to sensitizing the students. She then launched the club. “In this error, if you are /CT illiterate, then you are in trouble” she said.

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