Between June 28th and July 28th, Kisubi Associated Writers’ Agency (KAWA) embarked in implementation of a UCC pilot project of launching and supporting ICT Clubs in 20 selected Secondary Schools in Uganda.

Consequently, KAWA successfully launched the projects in the 20 secondary schools. Namely: St. Mary’s College, Rushoroza; Bishop Kivengere Girls, Kabale; Mbarara High, Mary Hill High School, Mbarara; Rwenkobwa Secondary School, Ibanda; Masaka Secondary School; Kansanga Seed Secondary School, Kampala, Nabisunsa Girls, Bishops Secondary School, Mukono; Dabani Girls, Busia; Mbale High; Mbale Secondary School; Nyero Rock High School, Kumi; Lira Town College; Gulu High, St. Joseph, Layibi; Arua Public, Arua Senior Secondary School, Nalinya Lwantale Girls and St. John SS, Nandale.

Each of the clubs has been organized under mentorship of a teacher. So, having launched the clubs, KAWA in partnership with Makerere University Business School sponsored a one-day knowledge sharing meeting to bring onboard the teachers by sensitizing them on UCC’s interests in the clubs and also sharing with them experiences and knowledge on other best practices in education.


The following teachers participated in the one day meeting:

NAME                                   SCHOOL, DISTRICT

  1. Sekulima Twaha                 Nabisunsa Girls, Kampala
  2. Ssemwanga L.                     Kansanga Seeds’ Secondary School, Kampala
  3. Asiku Issa                              Arua Public School, Arua
  4. Okoth Johnson                    Dabani Girls’ School, Busia
  5. Ndikwani Juliet                    Dabani Girls’ School, Busia
  6. Junju Hamza                        Masaka Senior Secondary School, Masaka
  7. Odoi Ben                               Nalinya Girls’, Lwantala, Luwero
  8. Senyondo Stephen            St. John Senior Secondary School, Luwero
  9. Oyik John Burton                St. Joseph’ College, Layibi – Gulu
  10. Kobusingye Gift                  Bishop Kivengere Girls School, Kabala
  11. Aketcho Josephine             Gulu High, Gulu
  12. Okello Fred                          Mbale High, Mbale
  13. Mwaye Patrick                    Nyero Rock High, Kumi
  14. Barugahare Jimmy             Mbarara High School, Mbarara
  15. Ezale Emanuel                     Arua Senior Secondary School, Arua
  16. Lugya Richard Kibuuku     Bishops Senior Secondary School, Mukono.
  17. Wambi Aaron                      Mbale Senior Secondary School, Mbale.

The Following KAWA officials facilitated the meeting:

  1. Paul Rukundo                      Executive Director
  2. Wamanga Moses                Lead Coordinator of the meeting
  3. Chole Richard                      Trainer
  4. Nicholas Kugonza               Media Coverage
  5. Nasuna Saadah                   Logistics
  6. Matsanga Peter                  Trainer

UCC was represented by Phillip Mweheire and another colleague

Objectives of the Workshop

  1. To share with the participants the main aim and objectives of the ICT Clubs Pilot Project
  2. Share with the participants the UCC Curriculum of the ICT Clubs
  3. To come up with the best methods of successfully making students participate in maintenance of ICT Labs in the schools.
  4. Share with the patrons the program of engaging their students in innovative learning activities.
  5. Carry out a demonstration of online conferencing using the Samsun Galaxy Tablets donated by UCC to the ICT Clubs.
  6. Share the proposed work plan designed by KAWA for the ICT Clubs.

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