Web Development as a required skill for ICT Club members


In order to enable club members to gain experience in web design and FTP management, KAWA has provided each of the secondary schools under the UCC ICT club project with a free subdomain and FTP account.  In this article, we provide some guidance to all those who are using FTP for the first time to gain some experience and be able to support other learners. Kindly follow the video below to do it practically.

How To Upload Your ICT Club Website Online using WinSCP

In the post covid 19 period where most services are moving online and people are making big profits through the internet, professions associated with web design will remain relevant for years to come. Thus, web-designer skills and talent will always be in demand to help entrepreneurs and webmasters in the creation of quality Internet resources. Therefore, supporting secondary students through the ICT club to acquire better skills and competencies in web design will be one of the biggest contributions to the life chances of a student especially from a rural area to make a living and proudly contribute to the success of Uganda’s Vision 2040.

It is not necessary to have a technical background, to master web design. Just be creative, progressive, and far-sighted. Well-thought and high-quality web-design online classes from KAWA will help in learning some new skills, namely: scripting; programming; design creation; CSS; HTML; JavaScript; PHP, and SEO. We are also developing offline standalone videos which everyone will follow.

To achieve much of this, ICT Club patrons and teachers need to focus on understanding web development themselves then inspire the students to shine.

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