Dabani Girls embrace design and publishing


ICT Club learners of Dabani Girls in Busia demonstrate their skills in designing brochures and certificates for the first time

akayenze Mercy Prossy : “Thanks to the ICT Club, I can now open the system unit and clean the inner part of a com- puter. I finally show what the CPU looks like. I used to think that since it is the brain of the computer, it is very big but it’s very tiny. I didn’t know. ICT has

really changed my life. I can also design a business card, invitation card and a calendar. I can also de- sign wedding cards. You know people like wed- ding in December. So since I can design wedding cards, I can make money.

“When I was in senior one, that was before I joined this club, we could just wait for the teachers to come and we did not know anything. But through ICT Club, we were taught how to connect comput- ers, how I can connect a mouse to the CPU, how I can connect the printer… So, I can also connect a computer and it starts working. I am so grateful about the ICT Club.”

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