We are very pleased that we are having the UCC members visiting us today and on this note, I want to extend my sincere gratitude to the government of Uganda, UCC, and KAWA because we have received a very great opportunity that we have been the first school to have the ICT club (launched). I am holding a Galaxy Tab that will aid our researches and our club operations.

I have learned that ICT is important in my life. It can help me to do work in the future, when you study it, you can become an engineer of computers. I have learnt to help others so that they can learn computer. In this coming year we must fit in the dotcom era. That is why we must learn ICT.  Victoria, S1, St. John SS, Nandera, Luwero.

It is a great pleasure for today we have been visited by UCC in association with KAWA. They’re here to launch the ICT Club. We have got to know the problems associated with ICT. Not only problems but the opportunities; the good things… how you can become one with the department of ICT and how to use ICT related tools. My view of all people is that ICT is not a tool only for people who know it. It is learnt… I would like to thank Uganda Communications Commission and in particular KAWA…  Francis, S4, St. John Nalinya

Mubiru Lawrence, Chairman of the ICT Club.

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